Monday, October 19, 2020

Te Hiku Film Festival 2020

Te Hiku Manaiakalani Outreach 2 Film Festival 2020

Our theme for the movies this year was “Life in Lockdown” The movies have been played on the big screen

at the Te Ahu Cinema in Kaitaia on Monday 19 October 2020. This is one of the lucky movies to be chosen

from our school. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of this movie. Please click on the

link to view other Manaiakalani Film Festival movies.

Please enjoy and feel free to leave a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment below for the students.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

White bait connection

 New Zealand has lots of species of native fresh water and salt water fish and invertebrates. They live in lakes and streams.

These creatures have a wide range of food in their habitat which include; plants, snails, macro invertebrates and food that has been left out for eels.

Reproduction is a tricky one for native fish. What we do know is that native fish always eat their eggs right where the sea and the river meet. This is called the "Love Zone". The Love Zone is full of reeds so it is perfect.

Nothing cant have threats and this is no different. The threats to whitebait and native fish are mainly human impacts like cows, cow poo and fertilizer. Some other fish like Gamboozia are ex-pet goldfish that have been released.

In conclusion, I think that most whitebait and native fish and are doing very well in our waterways. We should keep it that way.

By Taeo

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

All Creatures Great and Small- Bug Studies with Puriri Class

We have been working as tuakana and teina this term to investigate the bug life in our school. We have identified different physical features of bugs and classified them based on what we have discovered.

We also worked together to make a bug hotel. Hopefully a lot of bugs check into their new habitat and help us to create a diverse ecosystem in our school.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

At Home Passion Projects

This term we have been learning from home. We have been learning heaps of amazing things with our families. We documented the processes we made to share them with our class mates. Check out some of our "At Home Passion Projects" below.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Lockdown Lego Challenge

While we are learning from home we have been sharing our ideas on how to keep busy. There are a lot of keen lego creators in our class so I will be updating this post with all of the lego creations that we have made so far.

Kearan's Quad bike and Kayak click on his blog to read more about it.

Friday, February 21, 2020

First Enviro Day of 2020

This week we had our first Enviro day for 2020. We combined with Kauri and Totara class and revisited the Enviro sites around our school. We were looking at each habitat and noticing what made them unique and how we needed to care for them in the future. We thought about what was threatening each habitat. We could see a lot of damage which had been done by the drought and by weeds in each area. We worked with Rob to brainstorm ideas on how we would like these habitats to look in the future and what we needed to do as Kaitiaki to take care of them.
We have a lot of ideas for our Enviro days this year, now we just need to find some helpers....🙋

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Water Safety 2

We had another great Water Safety session with Averil. We practiced saving people in rough conditions. We made the pool rough by splashing and pushing the water with our body boards.
We had to save our friends using the body board. We made sure it was attached to our wrists and threw the body board to them and told them to hold on.
Once they were on we could tow them back to shore. A good way to swim back is to hug the board and swim on your back.

We also learnt some different ways to float:
Lie on your back to save energy.

Mushroom hold is useful in the surf, if you get pushed around in the waves.

Swimming with LeeAnn

With Lee Ann we have to practicing drills for Breast stroke and Free Style.
To work on our free style we started with Superman drill. It is important because it gives works on your upper body strength.

Catch up arms is a drill to focus on your arms and learning to pull the water through.

We did One arm, double kick so we would focus on our arm movement and trying to be stream lined. We needed to time our arms and legs with our breath.

Thursday, February 13, 2020


We have started a Water Safety programme with Averil. This week we learnt about different ways to rescue people who are in danger in the water.

The first rescue we learnt was the TALKING RESCUE
Things to remember:
- Keep your self safe by staying on land, don't jump in.
- Tell your friend that you are going to throw them something, like a board.
-Tell them to grab on and kick back to shore.
- Help them on to the shore.

The second rescue we learnt was the NOODLE RESCUE
Things to remember:
- Kneel down (so you don't get pulled in)
-Pass the noodle to the person in the water.
-Tell the person to hold on and roll over onto their back (so water doesn't go in their mouth)
-Pull them back to shore and help them out of the water.

The third rescue was the ROPE RESCUE
Things to remember:
-Stay low on the ground
-Wind the rope up so you can throw it out easily.
-Make sure you hold on tight, so you don't drop the rope.
-Tell the person to lie on their back as you pull them in.

We also learnt about LIFE JACKETS
- You must have a perfect fitting jacket.
- Some life jackets have a head rest, that helps you to float on your back.
- Life Jackets have reflectors so that if you are in trouble at night people can see you.
- Life jackets are yellow, orange and red so that you stand out.
-Life jackets could save your life one day.

We learnt to huddle in the water so that we can keep warm. You will also stick together and it is easier to be found. It is important to keep the weakest or smallest people in the middle of the huddle.
We got into a line, this is helpful as it is easier to stay together if you are swimming to safety.